The PBEH is the chartered professional body dedicated to supporting individuals to achieve
success through the professionalization of the work in the cleaning industry.
Its main objectives are to promote professionalism and ensure high standards within the
cleaning industry
The Code sets a high standard and PBEH provides support and advice to members as they
strive to embed the Code in their day-to-day activities.
The principles underlying this Code are:

  • Management of self
  • Management of others
  • Management of clients
  • Management of business partners and colleagues
  • Service to the wider community
  • Support of the professional body

When managing myself I will:

  • Strive for excellence at all times
  • Exemplify high standards of professional behavior and performance
  • Be accountable for my actions
  • Disclose anything that may create conflict of interest and / or affect high ethical
  • Act only within my level of competence
  • Continue to develop my competencies and keep up to date with best practice

When managing others I will:

  • Treat everybody on an equitable basis, with no discrimination, recognizing their
    individual needs and responding accordingly
  • Support my immediate team and others to fully understand their responsibilities,
    areas of authority and accountability
  • Empower my immediate team by facilitating the development of skills and qualities
    evident within the team and recognize their achievements
  • Foster a culture of transparency and address issues in a frank and timely manner
  • Communicate effectively, openly and clearly
    In my dealings with clients and their companies I will:
  • Uphold internal policies and practices in the interest of good safe practice
  • Reconcile my personal values with those of the client and the company
  • Be accountable for achieving the objectives, projects and tasks that I undertake to
  • Safeguard the reputation and assets of the organization
  • Exhaust all available internal remedies for dealing with matters I perceive to be
    improper before resorting to public disclosure
    When interacting with suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders I will:
  • Ensure that I clarify their interests and respond to them in a balanced and ethical
  • Establish, develop and maintain business relationships based on mutual confidence
    and trust
  • Refrain from entering into any agreement that is unlawful or unethical
  • Neither offer nor accept gifts, hospitality or services which could create, or imply
    improper obligation
  • Safeguard all confidential information which comes into my possession
    Within my community I will:
  • Ensure that I am aware of, and comply with all relevant legislation and regulations
  • Act to avoid or mitigate any adverse outcomes, of present and proposed managerial
  • Be honest, open and truthful in all external communications
  • Respect the environment and seek to conserve resources wherever possible
  • Respect the customs and practices where these may differ from my own

As a member of the CLEANING Professional Body I will:

  • Promote its mission, aims and objectives
  • Uphold its integrity and good standing, and refrain from conduct that will bring it into
  • Promote its image and standing as a professional body
  • Support the body’s initiatives for continuous professional development and lifelong
  • Observe the standards of conduct as set out in this Code, and re-sign my
    commitment as they change from time to time