The membership of the Professional Body will comprise of the following categories:

  • Affiliate Member
    A non-designated person who has an interest in the South African Cleaning Industry or is engaged in all types of cleaning activities, possesses knowledge and/or practical experience which qualifies the candidate to co-operate with skills development providers, in the advancement of their knowledge and practical experience, allowing him/her through a progression pathway to achieve Professional Member status.
  • Professional Member
    A professionally designated person in terms of the NQF Act (Act 67 of 2008). Designations:

Hygiene Operator (Cleaner)
Hygiene Controller (Team Leader)
Hygiene Practitioner (Supervisor)
Hygiene Specialist (Contracts Manager)
Hygiene Expert (Area Manager)

  • Associations / Bodies
    Any Association or body which is a group of individuals/ companies who come together for certain purposes. It is often regulated by a constitution and rules and run by office bearers.
  • Corporate Member
    Entities operating and providing services within or affiliated to the Cleaning Industry meeting the set criteria.
  • Service Provider Member
    Companies and Organisations authorised/recognised by the Professional Body to provide training and assessment.
  • Honorary Member
    Individual, organisations or groups who have made a significant contribution to the Cleaning Industry within South Africa over an extended period of time.
  • ETD Practitioner Member (Cleaning Industry)
    Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators within the cleaning industry